About Us

DOSmagazine is a print and top digital online magazine written for frequent international readers. Our readers travel often to locations all over the world, the majority of our readers are ages 20-65. Based in the Toronto, Canada, we cover Business and Lifestyle in more than seven countries. We’ve worked with advertisers all over the globe, from Argentina to Spain. Our readers have far-ranging interests, from Fashion and Politics to Technology and Entertainment.

What really differentiates us from other magazines is the great attention to contents and originality of are 2-in1 magazine (No Bilingual). Flexibility and variety of articles suggestions allow us to attract a wide spectrum of readers.

Company Overview

DOSmagazine was created to give readers the authentic voice of someone who knows a several places, famous people, experience, locals, brands. Their hidden articles are revealed to whoever is looking out for the unusual. Every type of reader is  involved, every type of marketing is engaged. The tools are authentic stories and a great attention to detail, both in words and images. We are watching the world with an international magazine lens.

Since 2012, DOSmagazine is the premier international magazine in Canada, has a substantial and growing readership, in double cover, double language in Spanish and English, monthly with a circulation of 35,000 printed editions, more than 5,000 people are listen via radio, and more than 65,000 monthly newsletter, read through our feature articles, catch up with the latest news, learn the language, find your own way, and join our social media to share your passion for read more.

DOSmagazine provide print, online, radio, apps on business and lifestyle, produced monthly. The print version it is distributed in
Canada, United States of America, Central America, Argentina and Europe, it is also available at regional airports and in departure lounges including, appropriately, the executive lounge VIP, golf and leisure clubs, hotels, banks, building societies and restaurants.

The Team

DOSmagazine is produced and managed by an international staff of people, dedicated to delivering content that authenticity Business and Lifestyle to help our readers stay connected to information 24/7 in a meaningful way.

Our ideas, articles, images and videos are written and produced by a team of staff writers, as well as more than 67 freelance journalists from around the globe and news agencies. We value first-person experience, and work with writers who know the main experience, our writing inspires ideas.