The Captain Planet movie is back on Track


Leonardo DiCaprio and Glen Powell Combine Powers to Bring ‘Captain Planet’ to the Big Screen.


As you may remember from his earworm theme song, Captain Planet is “our hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero.” The environmentalism-themed cartoon series from the ’90s followed the blue-skinned superhero, who’d be summoned when The Planeteers, a group of multicultural teens who repped earth, fire, wind, water, and heart, shouted, “Let our powers combine!” Then the captain would show up and they’d all yell, “Go, Planet!”

Sony was originally planning to bring the environmentalist superhero to the big screen, but now that the rights have lapsed, Paramount is in talks to snag them with a little help from real-life environmentalist superhero Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor is teaming up with Scream Queens star Glen Powell to develop a movie based on the ’90s cartoon series, but unlike other recent nostalgia cash-ins, this one has a positive message behind it.


“Captain Planet” will be a live-action motion picture based on the environment-saving animated hero. In an effort to inform younger viewers about serious environmental issues, Turner Broadcasting partnered with DIC Enterprises in 1990 to create the world’s first animated environmental series, “Captain Planet and the Planeteers.” The series was about a group of young people who combine their special powers (The Planeteers) to summon Captain Planet, an environmental superhero, to battle the world’s worst eco-villains.