The 33 miners on the screen


Based on the real-life event, when a gold and copper mine collapses, it traps 33 miners underground for 69 days. Disaster strikes on Aug. 5, 2010, as a copper and gold mine collapses in Chile, trapping 33 men underground. With more than 2,000 feet of rock in their way, members of a rescue team work tirelessly for 69 days to save the seemingly doomed crew. Beneath the rubble, the miners begin an epic quest to survive, contending with suffocating heat and the need for food and water. With family, friends and the rest of the world watching, it becomes a race against time and a true test of the human spirit.

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Initial release: November 13, 2015 (USA)
Director: Patricia Riggen
Running time: 2h 5m
Music composed by: James Horner
Country: Chile, Colombia
STUDIO: Warner Bros. Pictures, Alcon Entertainment
MPAA RATING: PG-13 (for a disaster sequence and some language)
SCREENWRITERS: Miko Alanne, Craig Borten, Thomas Michael
STARRING: Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, Juliette Binoche, James Brolin, Lou Diamond Philipps, Bob Gunton, Gabriel Byrne
GENRE: Drama, Action

Several people from Copiapó, Chile, work in the San José mine. The owner ignores the warnings of the failing stability of the mine, which collapses a short time later. The only path inside the mine is completely blocked, and the thirty three miners manage to get to the rescue chamber. They discover that the radio is useless, the medical kit is empty, the ventilation shafts lacked the required ladders, and there was very little stored food. Mario Sepulveda becomes the leader of the miners, dividing the food in rations and stopping the outbursts of violence or despair. The mine does not attempt any rescue, and the relatives of the miners gather around the gates.

The government of Chile takes an active intervention, and orders the use of drills to reach the chamber. The first exploratory boreholes moved off-target, but a later one reached the required destination. The miners attached a note to announce their survival. They received new food, clothing and television communication with the surface, and a second bigger drill prepared a system to retrieve the miners one by one.