Smart suitcase that can follow you


A Robot Suitcase that Can Talk and Follow You Around? Yes! Travelmate is a fully autonomous suitcase that has been developed by a cutting edge robotics team based in San Francisco, California. This team has been developing robots for over many years now but this suitcase is perhaps their coolest invention yet. It’ll follow you almost anywhere and can be used in airports, when going to work, taking your kids to school or doing some shopping. The possibilities are endless.

It’s incredibly smart due to the fact that Travelmate has been developed by people who’ve worked on robots before. It has a variety of sensors that allow it to navigate through crowds, obstacles and other complex situations. This really sets it apart from everything else out there. You wont ever have to worry about carrying a bunch of stuff with you or hauling your kids and your stuff all at once.

What’s even cooler is that it can recognize simple gestures and voice commands. So if you need it to do a trick like spin around, or if you need it to go somewhere specifically, you can tell it to do that if you enable voice commands.

Travelmate has been fully developed and they’re taking pre-orders through indiegogo. Right now, you can order at the incredibly low price of $399 USD which is lower than most normal name brand suitcases. It’s frankly a steal at that price. Travelmate is so much more than just a suitcase that follows you around. It’s a fully featured robot buddy that understands the environment its in and adjusts accordingly to make sure that its always by your side.

You can name your Travelmate and it’ll respond to that specific name. So if you want to name it Terminator T-1000, then no one’s stopping you from doing that! And if you have a lot of stuff that you need to carry, then that’s not a problem. You can have more than one Travelmate follow you. They’ll know where you are and avoid each other with ease.

In addition to doing the amazing feat of following you on its own without your input, it has many other innovative smart suitcase features. It can measure the weight of what you put in it, so that you’re never over the weight limit at the airport.

If you’re worried about someone stealing it, then they’ve also thought that through! You always know where your Travelmate is because you can see its location via the Travelmate app. You can even turn on a function that will lock Travelmate’s wheels if it senses that its not following you anymore – so if someone grabs it, it’s not going anywhere.

Travelmate is fully compliant with stringent TSA regulations, which means that you can take it with you to any airport without any issues. It’s also waterproof and resistant to damage.

We’ve been told that they’re in the process of developing new features for Travelmate that will be rolled out as updates after it releases. The main new feature that they’re going to add is full voice integration. So it’s basically putting an advanced voice assistant into a suitcase! But you’ll be able to do more advanced things with it like ask for Travelmate to reserve tickets for you or find a restaurant. When these features come out, Travelmate will basically be like a robot butler that does anything for you, and I think that’s definitely a good thing.

Another intriguing feature that their developing for Travelmate is making your normal house into a smart home. It’ll do this by acting as a security, delivery and task fulfilling robot. It’ll help you carry your groceries and monitor your home from a distance. All of the technology to do this is readily available and very easy to implement. Your Travelmate will become an indispensable part of your daily life, just like your smartphone and computer.

They’ll allow other developers to make new features for the Travelmate too; their application will include a separate store that developers can use to put their features on. It’s just like a smartphone app store, but for your robot suitcase.

In smartphones, we’re all used to updates and being able to download new apps that give us access to new features. Travelmate is going to do exactly the same thing for robots. They have developed all sorts of new technology and are in the process of patenting them. The latest tech that they’ve developed is a nano-LIDAR system. This system is in the process of being patented.

Travelmate comes in three different sizes, with the smallest model being carry on sized, so you can take it with you on the plane. It looks completely different from other suitcases and has light up LED indicators. It’ll even show that it’s turning with its LED lights, just like a car’s turn signals. You’ll stand out from the crowd with the coolest suitcase out there if you get a Travelmate. And it comes in a bunch of different colors. Pretty much every color palette is included and we’ve seen flag colored Travelmate’s too.

Even the way it moves is unique. Taking aside the fact that it moves on its own – Travelmate’s wheels are revolutionary when applied to luggage. They’re called omni wheels and they move in a bunch of different directions. They look nothing like ordinary luggage wheels, but they’re nonetheless even more maneuverable. These wheels contain mini wheels that are controlled by Travelmate and it allows it to make tiny adjustments on the fly.

Travelmate is a robot in every sense of the word. It moves on its own, thinks on its own and talks on its own! We’ve all imagined human like robots walking the streets sometime in the far off future, but maybe instead, we’ll see a bunch of robot suitcases moving about. For now, you can order your own robot that also carries your stuff for you by clicking here. Travelmate isn’t just a cool new gadget. It’s ushering in a new type of lifestyle that’s fitting for the 21st century.