Living Bilbao “A foreign student’s life in Bilbao” Gaztelugatxe and Butron Castle: my own epic movie on a student’s budget


September 25, 2015

Living Bilbao

“A foreign student’s life in Bilbao” Gaztelugatxe and Butron Castle: my own epic movie on a student’s budget

Being a citizen of the world means to introduce myself to those places I haven’t been before. The courses at university were not very demanding that week, therefore I decided to visit the Butron Castle and a place called Gaztelugatxe, this last one I wasn’t able to pronounce it properly. If you are in Bilbao for more than two days, I will highly recommend you to make a quick visit to these places, you can do both in one day.


Visiting new places is about how they make you feel far from a touristic view. My first stop was Butron Castle, a journey to the middle age but with Snapchat to document every detail. The castle is not huge; hence it size is enough to tell you that was an important place to the province of Biscay. The Castle of Butron was originally a Tower that was transformed in the XII century in what is today.


In less that 45 minutes you can reach Gastelugatxe from Butrón, the view of the ocean from the road discloses that something marvelous is about to come. For this journey bring your tennis shoes and be ready for the stairway that connects the mainland with the island: Gastelugatxe. The entrance is free, you don’t need to pay in order to visit Gastelugatxe and if you live on a student budget this information is quite important because the place is priceless.





When you can see from afar the stairway connected to the island, you will realize that your journey has just started. The sweet breeze from the rocky Basque coast is an open invitation of what is ahead, keep the path. The stairway itself will show you how vast is the ocean and will remind you that this might me one of the best places to forget about how busy can be your life in that moment.


At the top of the stairway there is an Hermitage, where you can have a different view of the cliffs around the Island and take a moment to sit and get lost in the scene. My visit to Gastelugatxe was on late September, when we had a very good weather. I can sum-up both places in three words: breathtaking, eye-opening and uncommon.




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