Liu Jo was born from the brilliant intuition of two brothers


liu-jo-brothers-dmLiu Jo is an Italian brand known for it’s clothes, shoes and accessories, was born from the brilliant intuition of two brothers, Marco and Vannis Marchi: the mid-90s they create in Carpi their first knitwear collection, launching a long-term successful project.

This city is today Italy’s leading knitwear district, and it represents the ideal crossroad between tradition, technique and research.

The brand experienced a rapid evolution and has established itself in the clothing sector, launching two innovative collections: LIU•JO and LIU•JEANS, symbols of a refined, dynamic and contemporary femininity. The great success anticipates the company’s further development, carried out with the launch of LIU•JO ACCESSORIES, line of fashion and feminine accessories, LIU•JO Girl, designed for little girls, and Ajay, a line for softer, curvier figures, alongside L•JO in mid-20s, brand dedicated exclusively to men.


The extraordinary development achieved by LIU•JO led to the consecutive debut in the world of licensing, step which guarantees new, deserves consents.

The first licenses came with Liu Jo Baby, for babies aged between 0 and 19 months, and Honey, for little girls until 5. he Liu Jo Luxury jewelry line, Liu Jo Underwear and Beachwear, and Liu Jo Casa, the line that brought the Liu Jo signature style into the home. It was then the turn of LIU•JO Luxury, a sophisticated jewelry line, LIU•JO Underwear and Beachwear, and LIU•JO CASA, the line that brought the Liu Jo signature style into the home.

Liu Jo’s growth continued non-stop with the arrival on the scene of LIU•JO Junior, evolution of LIU•JO Girl: the new brand includes items reach in color and fun, and embraces also young boys aged between 6 and 14 years.


The company insists on its optic of simplification and rationalization: the jeans collection changed its name to Liu Jo Jeans to evoke Liu Jo branding more clearly, and it is now also extended to men.

The brand persists its cosmopolitan, contemporary lifestyle values, also by introducing Liu Jo Shoes, a line of footwear to complete the Liu Jo range.

LIU•JO achieved a high, steady growth trend over the years, and it consolidated its presence on international markets through three continents (Europa, Africa e Asia), with 150 single-brand shops and 4000 multi-brand stores.