Five signs you’re unhealthy that you probably Ignore


Five signs you’re unhealthy that you probably Ignore


Yellow Tinge on Your Skin: If you have noticed a yellowish tinge to your eyes and skin, then it might mean that you have some sort of health issue. Whether it is something serious or less severe, talk to your doctor and try to find out what it is exactly that causes this phenomenon. In some instances a yellowish tinge might mean that you have problems with your liver. It can be either hepatitis or jaundice. Again, we suggest you should talk to a specialist and ask for professional help. Babies that are preterm can suffer from infant jaundice. It is a common condition that happens to babies whose liver is not yet developed enough to wash away bilirubin in the blood.


Bad Feet: Feet are an important body part that can tell you a lot about your condition. Examine the skin of your feet and make sure that it is well-hydrated and smooth enough. There plenty of issues that may cause dry and cracked skin. If your feet show the signs of dermatitis, eczema, allergic reactions or simply dry skin, then you are extremely vulnerable to fungal infections. Infections usually develop much faster if the skin does not produce oil. Also, warm and moist skin is the perfect environment to catch all kind of skin infections. Have you ever been told that you have athlete’s foot? If yes, then avoid using petroleum jelly as well as various other moisturizers since they will never solve the problem. Of course, cracked feet are especially prone to infections. Always take care of your feet and maintain them clean and dry at all times. Put on fresh and dry S. Opt for footwear and sock made with natural material, Do not wear synthetic stuff. Wear shoes with open toes in summer. Before applying any sort of treatment against athlete’s foot, consult a specialist.


White Rings around Corneas in Eyes: Whitish rings around the cornea of the eye are called arus senillis. It’s not a big deal if you are a person over 30. If you are still young yet have white rings around the cornea, then you probably have high cholesterol. Do not ignore the issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible if you are not yet 30 years old. Do not try to lie to yourself or hide the symptoms – the sooner you see your doctor, the sooner you will know what causes the whitish rings. No doubt vision is essential so take care of it. No one wants to suffer from bad eyesight.


Tripe Palms: Velvety palms that are thickened at the same time is an obvious signal that something is wrong with your body. Never take it lightly. Visual signs of this kind let you know that you should pay more attention to your health. Tripe reminds of the stomach lining of sheep, pork, or beef. That does not sound like a very nice symptom, does it? Make an appointment and see your health practitioner instead of ignoring the situation thinking that will disappear on its own.


Pale Skin: How light is your skin? If your skin is much lighter than it used to be, then you probably have reduced red blood cells. It is very possible that a reduction in blood flow causes your skin go pale. Skin pigment is another sign that you should pay your attention to. Revise your menu and make it suppler. You need it to be nutritional and healthy. If you do not know what should be changed in your diet, talk to professionals. The right amount of vitamins and minerals will definitely change the situation for the better. Give preference to foods that give enough proteins, fats and carbs.