Mao Correa has been working hard in his 2015 series of paintings


Mao Correa, a Colombian plastic artist, photographer and graphic designer who has been living in Toronto, since 2013 is holding his Studio & Gallery Opening Cocktail on Saturday August 8th, 2015 at 4:00 pm. I am attending and given your interest in supporting the successfully integration of newcomers to Canada, I would be pleased to have you join me.


As Mao Correa’s artist statement highlights, in his 25 years of independent practice as an artist… recovering, recycling, and reusing have been the art-actions that have underlined his artwork. Wood and carton pieces, old and expired paints, which, after a special process, are “reborn” to create new, interesting textures; glass, metal, and screws, and many other timeless and unconventional materials make his art very eclectic, vibrant, and out of the ordinary.

Mao Correa has been working hard in his 2015 series of paintings and mixed media pieces and is now ready to share it with us. He recently affirmed that “…My current art-work conspires to desecrate my internal journey as a new immigrant artist to Canada. Mirroring my own experience, resignifying my esthetics through the view of diversity, I’m now not only breaking down pre-existing materials, reinterpreting and offering them a new form with a new purpose, but also reintegrating my soul to a new country…”

I’m pretty sure you will be impressed by his artwork. An Evenbrite invitation was sent to you a couple of weeks ago. You can confirm your attendance by replying the invitation or following this link: eventbrite

Please do not hesitate to invite anyone you think would be interested in supporting and acquiring his artwork.

I hope you can make it! 

(647) 863 0408
Toronto, ON Canada